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Soothing healing sounds

safe boat home

This song is the last song from my latest album, “Companion” , and invites us to drift off into the safety and comfort of our beds, our hearts, our beingness. At the end of the day, or whenever you want to be enveloped in the safe arms of your helping spirits.


This sound healing track is inspired by a traditional Lakota thank you song. We hold an intention of sending gratitude and thanksgiving out into our world to bless and come into a joyous attitude about life and its gifts. This sound was channeled and recorded during a session convened with my helping spirits in a shamanic state of consciousness. It is to be used as opposed to simply listened to. It is not about the beauty of my voice (or lack there of!) but about the power and wisdom that rides in from the spirit realms into your room, car, being.

Journey through the Chakrasphere

This track is designed to help clear impediments to well being that are caught in your chakras, and call in divine light, wisdom, your lost soul essence to fill you with that which is most needed at this time for your well being, joy and prosperity. It is best utilized by setting some time aside for yourself. Headphones magnify the nuances of this work but are not necessary. Holding specific intentions for yourself will be most powerful. We start at the root and ascend through the chakras.

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