A variety of healing services are available at Hidden Lake Retreat. Below you will find more information about the practitioners, their services, costs and other important details. You are warmly welcome to choose the best option(s) for receiving their services. You can schedule single or multiple sessions to enjoy onsite or while on retreat. You can also have your sessions over the phone, Skype or Zoom. Just let your practitioner know your preferences at the time of booking.

Judith S. Crop-Shainsky, MA, SEP©

Judith is a retired psychotherapist and Somatic Experiencing practitioner. She was in private practice for over 20 years. The experiences gained from these modalities, have cultivated deep compassion and a facility for listening beyond the traditional therapist. She is also a certified Integrative Nutritional Coach, providing wisdom and practical information to guide your body and spirit to optimal wellness. Additionally, she is an Amherst Writers and Artist’s Writing Group facilitator and loves to write. Spirituality and her unwavering faith in our capacity to heal and live a vibrant, resilient life is the foundation of her work. Her style is warm, safe and inviting.

Judith charges $120 for 60-minutes and $160 for 90-minutes.
Email Judith at judith(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)hiddenlakeretreat.org to schedule an appointment.

Forms For Working With Judith

Please print the form(s) you need and bring them completed to your first session, or complete them on your computer and send them via email.

Psychotherapy Disclosure Statement and Intake

Health History for Health Coaching

Contract for Health Coaching

Judith's Healing Services

Using a unique blend of her extensive training and experience, Judith offers: 

Intuitive-Spiritual Counseling – an uplifting, spirit-guided form of counseling that addresses your concerns while utilizing your innate wisdom to find the answers you are seeking.
Health Coaching – a personalized coaching program that addresses your wellness goals such as weight loss, increased energy, clearer mind, joy and vitality.
Family & Soul Constellations – an innovative approach that uncovers and frees unproductive patterns and relationships at the level of your soul.
Personalized Meditation Practices – tailored just for you to cultivate deep peace, inner balance and well-being.


“Judith is a master therapist and an expert guide.  Her approach to Somatic Experiencing brought me into my bodily experience in a deeply nourishing way.  I came away from our work with a variety of tools for self-healing and with a profound sense of aliveness.” — Jan Lisonbee, Psychologist, Portland, Oregon


Lauri J. Shainsky, Ph.D.

Lauri has a Ph.D. in ecology, a doctorate in Shamanism, and is a founding member of The LightSong School for Shamanic Studies. She is also a Karuna-Reiki Master. Over the past 20 years she has studied with some of the greatest leaders in the field of Shamanism and Sound Healing such as, Dr. Michael Harner, Jan Engels-Smith, Tom Kenyon, Tom Cowan, and Jonathan Goldman. Lauri has produced four Sound Healing CD’s available (click here for more info). As she doctor’s her clients’ souls, she seamlessly combines her love of the natural world, healing sound, shamanism and the sacred.

Lauri asks $100/hr for her time. Most healing sessions are an hour and a half to two hours.

She is available at Hidden Lake. Click here to read more about what kinds of healing sessions you might enjoy.

Email Lauri at lauri(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)shamanicsoundhealing.com to schedule an appointment

Click here to listen to tracks from her albums.

Lauri also offers an extensive curriculum in shamanic sound healing. For a full list courses, circles and ceremonies, please go to www.shamanicsoundhealing.com/calendar

Forms For Working With Lauri

Intake Form

Lauri's Healing Services

Using a potent combination of singing bowls, her voice, bells, rattles, drums and other sacred instruments, Lauri offers:

Soul retrieval—experience heightened vitality through the retrieval of soul essence lost due to stresses and traumas.
Extraction—feel clearer and more authentically you from this removal of dark interfering energies.
Chord-cutting and forgiveness ceremony—regain sovereignty and power, merge with your True Self through this Egyptian ceremony, revitalizing and restoring connections with people, places and things in your life.
Curse unraveling—experience new levels of good fortune and advancement through the removal of binding oaths, contracts, declarations, and inhibiting forces sapping you of your life force.
Compassionate spirit release—release and heal spiritual “hitch-hikers” from your energy field, restoring your innate self.
Sound Bath—Tingle and sparkle like new through vibrational therapy, gaining spiritual power and wisdom through intentional spirit-guided sound.

For more details on these shamanic healing ceremonies, go to www.Shamanicsoundhealing.com.

“The sound healing with Lauri was astounding!  The vibration in me and the vibration of the instruments and her voice and presence pushed something as dense and fluid as water through me.  I could feel her power, the power of the trees, and eagle, and stars and the earth, but strangely, it seemed like I could feel a power in me too.  I felt like there was more to me than I knew, more in the universe than has ever been dreamed.” Sue, on Personal Retreat